Pour Painting Sculpts

In a previous post I showed my attempts to get into pour painting. Well I didn’t feel like that was the end of the process for those works, so I want to share what they evolved into.

The first thing I did was build some frames for the panels. Then I did on something I haven’t done in a long time – I sculpted.

I had done some ceramics back in the day but it’s been a long time since I have handled any clay. For these I decided to use polymer clay because of the infinite working time. Until you back it – polymer clay doesn’t dry so I had plenty of time to work with it here and there over a period of weeks.


I personally found the clay to be somewhat brittle even after baked. It’s possible I didn’t cure it correctly, but in the end it seemed to hold up ok. I started with white clay with the intention of painting it. In the future I might choose something that was at least the base color I was looking for but it worked out fine. I should have taken more process photos but in the end it was pretty straightforward. I tried to keep it harmonious by using the same pigments I had used to create the pour paintings.




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